The Best Kayak Racks for Trucks: The Ultimate Guide

The Best Kayak Racks for Trucks: The Ultimate Guide

Are you kayaking ready? The suitable kayak racks for trucks may make all the difference for dedicated fishermen, weekend river runners, and leisurely paddlers.

The Best Kayak Racks for Trucks: The Ultimate Guide

Many kayak racks for trucks are available. Finding the right match is difficult. This post shows the top kayak racks for trucks and provides advice on buying one too.

Top 6 Kayak Racks for Trucks.

Sr. No.Products NamePurchase Links
1.AA-Racks Model APX25 Extendable Aluminum Pick-Up Truck Review.Buy Now
2.AA-Racks Model X39 Utility Rack Review.Buy Now
3.Yakima BigCatch Kayak Rack Review.Buy Now
4.ECOTRIC Pick-Up Truck Bed Hitch Extender Review.Buy Now
5.Tidal Pickup Truck Utility Rack Review.Buy Now
6.Apex Aluminum Universal Truck Rack Review.Buy Now

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I believe AA-Racks Model APX25 is one of the best kayak racks for trucks for many reasons. With its 8 clamps, it can attach to practically all trucks and provide a secure fit that won’t rattle while driving. Its metal structure is sturdy and can support 800lbs.

Its sandy white tint suits most vehicles. The 28″ kayaks will be clear of the vehicle and have plenty of storage room beneath. Everything for kayak transporting is included in it. The build quality is excellent and you won’t disappoint.

This truck rack is easy to assemble and should be done quickly. Customer service resolves issues swiftly. It meets all requirements and is quite affordable.

There is nothing to dislike, although its powder coating is thin and scratches quickly.


  • Very simple to install
  • Needs no drilling
  • Strong and durable
  • Aluminum construction
  • Fully adjustable width


  • This won’t work with some vehicle attachments.

Best Kayak Racks for Your Trucks.

Heavy-duty steel makes the AA-Racks Model X39 Utility Rack a sturdy and adaptable kayak rack for trucks. This model has a distinctive design, excellent brackets, handrails, a front rope hook, extendibility, and a roof rack. The AA-Racks Model X39 is one of the few kayak racks for trucks featuring a roof rack.

Universal kayak racks suit all pickups. However, fiberglass bed rails, truck beds with toolboxes, and camper shells cannot use this kayak rack. AA-racks model x39 has a large capacity, so you can carry more goods.

This makes it ideal for carrying two kayaks and additional supplies.

Nothing is dangling off the edges of the kayak rack for truck since it fits squarely on top. This shields your vehicle’s roof.


  • Weather-resistant paint
  • Black or white color options.
  • Provides several loops and positions for hooks or straps.


  • Limited compatibility.
  • Bed width should not be less than 51 inches.

The Yakima BigCatch Kayak Saddles can be perfect if you already have a kayak rack but want to get extra kayak safety. Their 150-pound weight capacity makes them suitable for transporting bigger fishing kayaks.

Because of their cradles, the four saddles are intended for fishing and leisure kayaks and may not fit thinner touring boats.

The huge saddles include rubber and felt padding to avoid kayak loading scratches. They mount to roof racks using universal hardware. If you have crossbars, they can attach to truck bed racks and trailers.


  • Padded cradles fit any kayak size.
  • Contains straps
  • Fits practically every crossbar form.


  • One kayak may be handled at a time.

This is a great truck bed extension option. Its four quick-release pins are simple to use and let you configure your kayak. Steel makes it durable, as proven by its 750 lb weight capability.

It is stylish and black, but on the back, there are lights and a pink sign to let other cars know. It’s lightweight and adjustable, unlike many kayak racks for trucks.

For kayak extenders, this is the ideal truck rack. Strong and lightweight, its frame is simple to store. The safety features are excellent, so you may drive confidently.

Not all rack pins are tight. This is more annoying than important. Bolting the rack makes it tougher to remove quickly.


  • Quick and easy setup
  • Adjustable width and height for versatility.
  • Sturdy steel bars, yet lightweight (27 lbs.).
  • Excellent load capacity (750 pounds)
  • Safety flag added.


  • Hitch pins are not included.

For dedicated yackers and rackers, the Tidal Pickup Truck Utility Rack is fully integrated. As a construction and heavy-duty tool brand, Tidal guarantees excellence.

This truck bed rack reaches over the cab roof. Has nice features including j-hooks and handles.

Its retractable read crossbar and noise-reducing wind deflector are hidden. And I think the best kayak racks for trucks must be silent.

This kayak truck rack is an authorized rack with numerous attachments that you can install and remove without drilling.


  • J-hooks and grab handles incorporated
  • Highly durable gold zinc-plated grade-8 hardware.


  • None.

Due to its nearly endless truck suitability and simplicity of installation, the Apex Aluminum Universal Truck Rack may be the ideal kayak rack for trucks. No drilling is required for this bed rail rack. Instead, mount the bed rail to most truck beds using C-clamps.

The “C’s” fasten into the bed’s inside side, therefore this truck rack won’t function with a Tonneau cover.

Due to its anodized aluminum design, the Apex Universal Truck Rack is lightweight. Its anodized finish prevents corrosion.

Finally, this truck rack can hold two kayaks (or more!) at 800 pounds. Despite all the pros, this rack occasionally lacks bolts and other parts.


  • Suitable for mid-size, compact, or full-size pickup trucks.
  • Installs easily with C-clamps
  • An anodized finish reduces corrosion.


  • The kit may have missing pieces.

Buying Guide

When choosing the best kayak racks for trucks, my buying guideline covers the most crucial features like; weight capacity, safety, etc.

Rack Types

In this article, I divide your choices into three groups. Bed extenders, roof-mounted racks, and lumber-style racks.

Roof-Mounted Racks

Installation and removal are easier with roof-mounted racks. This makes them ideal for casual kayakers who only go out a few times a month.

Crossbars or factory racks are needed for roof-mounted racks. You’ll need to buy crossbars or a factory rack to install kayak wings or leader accessories racks to your car.

Lumber-Style Racks

Another famous kayak rack type. This rack supports kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, and more by mounting to the truck bed sidewalls.

You don’t need to adjust or tighten this rack if you take your kayak out regularly during the month. Securely strapping your kayaks will allow you to use these racks more often.

If you often carry bulky objects unrelated to kayaking, this rack is helpful also. After kayaks are removed, this rack may carry lumber, ladders, long PVC pipe, and more.

Bed Extenders

Bed extenders are helpful for injury prevention. You may lock your kayak in your truck bed without raising it.

Most of these racks fit a two-inch receiver hitch and are straightforward to install. This makes them simple to remove and collapse to store under your truck’s rear seat when not in use.

Weight Capacity

Weight capacity is vital because you must make sure the rack can sustain the kayaks you want to carry on it.

Before buying a kayak rack, weigh your kayak. It’s a good idea to buy a rack that can support at least 100 pounds more than your kayak’s total weight.


Putting kayaks on your truck for the first time will make a tremendous impact on the highway. When hauling kayaks, your car’s aerodynamics and fuel economy will suffer.

If you often carry kayaks at great distances, aerodynamics and fuel economy are crucial. Find a kayak rack that improves airflow and reduces its influence on your truck’s fuel economy.


Most importantly, your rack must protect your kayaks. To keep yourself and other drivers safe, you’ll need to know your kayaks won’t move.

Not all kayak racks have additional features to secure kayaks. Vertical supports and tie-down hooks let you double down on kayak safety on your truck.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Kayak Truck Racks Safe?

Answer: They are safe if you tie your kayak to your rack and/or vehicle and don’t carry more weight than your rack can take. A visible safety flag will help if your kayak is longer than your truck.

Should I Use a Roof Rack?

Answer: Truck cabs may not fit standard car roof mounts for kayaks. It might disrupt weight distribution and be harmful.

Can I DIY Truck Rack?

Answer: DIY kayak truck racks are achievable if they are safe and robust enough to hold your kayak while traveling.


All kayak truck racks I’ve seen are high-quality. The AA-Racks Model APX25 is my top selection because it combines exceptional usability with good quality at a terrific price.

The ECOTRIC Pick Up Truck Bed Hitch Extender is a great budget option.

And, Aluminum makes the Apex Aluminum Universal Truck Rack simple to install despite its 800-pound weight capability. Moreover, its powder coating avoids rust and corrosion, and the rack is simple to install.

Maybe the buying guide has helped you decide what kind of truck rack to purchase. Enjoy the advantages of the finest kayak racks for trucks to move anything easily.

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