The Best Racks For Kayak Storage: Buying Guide in 2024

The Best Racks For Kayak Storage: Buying Guide in 2024

Storing a kayak is difficult and generally ignored when buying one. This article covers the best racks for kayak storage. Keeping your kayak properly stored may keep it running for years.

Top 5 Best Racks For Kayak Storage.

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1.Kayak Storage Hoist – Overhead Pulley System Review.Buy Now
2.Sparehand Freestanding Dual Storage Rack Review.Buy Now
3.StoreYourBoard 4 Kayak Wall Mount Storage Rack Review.Buy Now
4.VIVOHOME Ceiling Mounted Kayak Rack Review.Buy Now
5.RaxGo Freestanding Kayak Storage Rack Review.Buy Now

Preparing your kayak for storage before returning from a vacation is helpful. Otherwise, you may leave the kayak on the ground to deal with later. Storing your kayak on the ground is not recommended. This may cause hull deformation and more.

To protect your kayak from the weather, keep it off the ground.

The Best Racks For Kayak Storage: Buying Guide in 2024

There are many racks for kayak storage available, but we’ve short-listed them down. You must still select the ideal kayak rack for your setup, whether for your garage or vacations.

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This one is my top pick from all racks on the list for kayak storage. You can mount the RAD Sportz 1003 kayak storage rack to your ceiling for robust support and a built-in hoist. This makes mounting and hoisting your kayak easier. The rack supports 125 pounds. Nylon straps and rubber-coated hooks strengthen it and protect your kayak.

Because of its self-locking mechanism, the hoist cannot release your kayak, hurt you, or damage your boat.

Its mounting is simple. Attach the mount directly to a joist or 2×4 for roof mounting. Lower the cradles, set your kayak on them, fasten the strap, and lift it out of the way. The rack holds one kayak, but you may hang many from your ceiling.


  • Easy to lift and lower kayak.
  • Very strong


  • Instructions are poor.
  • Straps move often.

A simple, hassle-free rack, the Sparehand Freestanding kayak rack is ideal. Cannula steel construction holds 90 pounds on the top storage rack and 120 lbs at the base.

Padded arms protect the kayak stand from scrapes. Simply assemble it without tools. It doesn’t have wheels, but you can purchase them separately to make your kayak storage rack more portable.

I suggest securing it outdoors since it may sway in windy conditions. This kayak rack has no wheels, which may be OK for a few kayaks. Put it against the wall to get objects out of the way without sticking holes in it.


  • Strong cannula steel construction.
  • Simple assembly without tools.
  • Kayak arms are padded to avoid scratching.


  • Its lack of wheels may limit its mobility.

After discussing several floor-standing racks for kayak storage, let’s speak about a wall-mounted kayak storage rack. StoreYourBoard wall-mounted variant supports four kayaks. Each level can carry 100 pounds, a total of 400 pounds.

Each arm has 45 mounting points and is individually adjustable. The quick-release pin mechanism lets you modify the arm without moving the kayaks. All have notable padding for protection.

This 27-inch rack has slanted arms to keep kayaks from sliding. However, depending on your kayak’s dimensions, all four may fit on the rack or be very snug.

StoreYourBoard’s wall-mounted kayak rack is ideal for storing more than two kayaks without taking up too much space.


  • Supports up to 100 pounds per level.
  • Adjustable with 45 mounting slots and quick-release pins.
  • Prevents hull damage with thick felt cushioning.
  • The arms are gently angled to avoid kayak slippage.


  • Vertical rails are too short.
  • Easy chipping of paint.

A ceiling hoist lets you raise the kayak without lifting it over your head, which is excellent. Save your neck and shoulders with pulley-operated kayak racks. You may save room by hanging your kayak from the ceiling without hard lifting.

The VIVOHOME rack can hold 125 pounds, although its suggested weight is 100. This weight restriction suits most recreational kayaks.

Installation requires effort, so get help. Holding the mount and drilling it into the ceiling joist is tough. Straps (available separately) help distribute kayak weight equally.

This kayak storage option works for many boats by utilizing straps and is one of the best racks for kayak storage.


  • Easy to use pulley system
  • Frees wall and floor space
  • Other items may be stored in it.


  • It takes effort to install.

Want something sturdier? This freestanding kayak storage rack is a wonderful alternative.

Its stainless steel construction and weather-resistant powder coating make it a durable rack that withstand the hardest winter and summer storms.

Two kayaks can fit on the 175-pound rack with foam-covered arms to prevent scratching. The frame is sturdy and may be anchored to the ground to prevent tilting. It fits kayaks, wakeboards, surfboards, paddleboards, and canoes, making it one of the best storage solutions for water sports enthusiasts.


  • Durable and well-built
  • Ensure safe and secure kayak storage.
  • Easy to set up
  • Fits most 8-14′ kayaks
  • Adjustable feet for stability on uneven terrain


  • Heavy, may need two persons to move.
  • No straps included.

Buying Guide For Racks for Kayak Storage

With so many racks for kayak storage, there are a few things to consider before buying one.

Available Storage Space

Planning is essential.

First, decide whether to keep kayaks at home or outdoors. Outdoor storage reduces space resistance but requires more work to protect your kayak from the weather. Indoor storage racks are bulky. Choosing the best location for storage racks is crucial.

Freestanding or wall-mounted kayak racks work nicely outdoors. Ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted, and pulley racks for kayak storage conserve floor space and use neglected wall and ceiling space, making them ideal for interior storage.

Number of Kayaks

The quantity of kayaks you need to store affects your rack choice. Storage racks for many kayaks are usually best freestanding or wall-mounted.


Kayak storage rack prices vary widely. Your budget will limit your rack selections.


Recreational kayaks typically 6–12 feet, but high-performance kayaks may reach 18 feet.

Kayak rack selection isn’t based on kayak length. If you have many kayaks, you must know the largest’s dimensions, particularly breadth.

Brand Reputation and Integrity

Consider the brand’s reputation and trustworthiness when choosing a kayak storage rack. Cheaper, unknown brands may sell replicas. Since kayaks are costly, long-term investments, they need robust, stable, high-quality storage containers.

Maximum Weight

With wall- and ceiling-mounted kayak storage racks, kayak weight must not exceed the rack’s maximum weight.

Be cautious about correctly drilling and installing the storage racks into the ceiling or wall to avoid ripping out the drywall and dropping your kayaks.

Assembly Needs

If you’re not handy or comfortable utilizing tools, a more complicated storage solution may not be appropriate. Ceiling-mounted and pulley systems demand greater installation skills. Wall-mounted or freestanding storage racks are easier to install.

Racks For Kayak Storage – FAQs

1. Are Racks Easy to Install?

Answer: Many freestanding ones are simple to put up since they don’t need to be attached to a structure. Wall- and ceiling-mounted ones generally require some DIY to install correctly. Following rack directions is crucial.

2. Are Kayak Storage Racks Secure?

Answer: Many specialized kayak racks contain a strap to attach your kayak for safety. You may also wish to install a kayak lock to avoid theft.

3. Outdoor rack types?

Answer: Outdoor racks are usually better freestanding. If certified for outdoor usage, you can put a wall-mounted rack on an outdoor wall or an overhead one beneath an outdoor deck.

Racks for Kayak Storage – Conclusion

The kayak racks I mentioned above provide easy, trusted kayak storage. Hopefully, you found one that fits your requirements, space, and kayak size/weight.

I like the RAD Sportz 1003 kayak storage rack, but having choices is important. Finding what works for you is key!

Leave any feedback or remarks on the review below. Or tell me about your favorite rack that works great!

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