Best Pickup Racks For Kayaks: Buying Guide 2024.

Best Pickup Racks For Kayaks: Buying Guide 2024.

Not enough room in your truck bed to haul a kayak? Perhaps you need the best pickup racks for kayaks. They will make kayak carrying simpler and safer than ever.

Finding a high-quality kayak rack for a vehicle might be difficult. To assist you choose a pickup rack for kayaks, I’ve listed the best products.

Best Pickup Racks For Kayaks: Buying Guide 2024.

What’s the most effective pickup truck kayak rack? In addition to height, breadth, and weight, I examined mounting method, material, weight capacity, and color.

Top 6 Best Pickup Racks For Kayaks.

Sr. No.Product NamePurchase Links
1.VEVOR Extendable Steel Truck Ladder Rack Review.Buy Now
2.AA-Racks X35 Pickup rack for Kayaks Review.Buy Now
3.TMS Adjustable Utility Rack Review.Buy Now
4.Apex Aluminum Universal Truck Rack Review.Buy Now
5.Vantech Universal Pickup Kayak Rack Review.Buy Now
6.Pace Edwards ELF0301 Review.Buy Now

My comprehensive research covers all the requirements for choosing the best alternative. Just read on to find the ideal pickup racks for kayaks. Let’s begin!

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The VEVOR Extendable Truck Ladder Rack is the best on the list and can transport kayaks, surfboards, ladders, and other bulky equipment.

This rack is suitable for full-size pickup trucks and has an adjustable width of 46″ to 71″. It can hold 800 lbs/363 kg and features strengthened crossbars for stability. Installation is easy with its rapid J-bolt mounting mechanism that needs no drilling.

I recently tested the VEVOR Truck Rack and liked its durability and simplicity of installation. It can bear huge weights due to its alloy steel structure. Also, I liked its powder-coated finish, which provides rust and corrosion protection and looks good.

While installing, certain holes may not align exactly, which is a slight problem. These drawbacks are offset by the rack’s performance and use.

For a powerful pickup rack for kayaks that can easily transport big things, the VEVOR Truck Rack is a good choice. Its adjustable width, robust crossbars, and simple J-bolt mounting method make it a trustworthy and easy-to-use pickup rack.


  • Easy to install without drilling.
  • Compatible with different full-size pickup vehicles with adjustable width.
  • Increased stability with reinforced crossbars.


  • Possible misalignment of holes during installation.

Easy setup characterizes this AA-Racks X35 pickup rack for kayaks. This kayak rack doesn’t need truck drilling. It holds two kayaks and has eight C-clamps for grip. but, this arrangement does not work with utility track trucks.

Four 16-foot ratchet lashing straps and 4 adjustable stern tie-down straps are included. These straps stop kayaks and canoes from falling during transit

The AA-Racks X35 ensures kayak safety. Its base is wrapped with high-quality rubber and foam to cushion road stress. The rack is water- and heat-resistant and robust. Its anti-slip rubber cushion protects your kayak from scratches.

Rack and truck size compatibility is never a problem with this pickup rack for kayaks. Because of its adjustable top bar, the AA-Racks X35 fits your truck bed even if it is not foldable. For simpler installation, many bolts are supplied.


  • Simple set up
  • No holes needed
  • Has adjustable straps
  • High safety guaranteed
  • Shock-absorbing
  • Heat-resistant


  • Not foldable.

This robust steel structure rack can move kayaks easily. The universal truck rack adjusts to most trucks. You can still access your truck bed and tailgate while your kayaks are on this rack. This maximizes space and lets you carry more.

This one, among the best pickup racks for kayaks, releases your hitch receiver so you may tow a trip or utility trailer. Traveling with toys, an RV, camping gear, and kayaks is possible.

Bolts are required for installation, which may necessitate bed rail drilling. C-clamps have been used to install this and it also has a kayak cleat.

This is one of the best pickup racks for kayaks since it’s strong and lets you bring all your gear. This rack is great for camping.


  • Strong steel structure
  • Universally compatible with most pickup trucks
  • Adjustable width
  • Mounting bolts included


  • May need drilling to install.
  • No height adjustment.

4. Apex Aluminum Universal Truck Rack Review.

The Apex Aluminum Universal Truck Rack is also ideal for speedy truck bed installation. It’s supported by C-clamps, so installation doesn’t need drilling. Its high-strength aluminum clamp grips your vehicle securely and safely while being handy.

Adjusting this rack is easy. Its top bar may be extended to 65 inches to suit a regular truck bed. Each has ladder stops that may be secured with a knob after readjustment. They may be adjusted to 52 inches wide to decrease sideways movement.

Each pair of pickup racks for kayaks incorporates tie-down strap eyelets to prevent rope scratching. Due to its durability, anodized aluminum can handle kayak weight.

At 34 inches from the truck bed, the Apex Aluminum Universal Truck Rack is another plus. Other baggage may fit below the rack at this height.


  • For mid-size, compact, and full-size pickups.
  • C-clamp-easy installation
  • Anodizing decreases corrosion.


  • The kit may be incomplete.

The Vantech crossbars are made of sturdy steel with a fine finish and a 500-lb capacity over a 60″ width. They provide plenty of area for kayak deck accessories and seating at a little over five inches above the topper.

The crossbars are the lightest pickup racks for kayaks on my list at 14 lbs. However, they lack bumpers, which assist in securing loads and prevent slippage. Installing crossbars requires a ladder and additional hands.

For high capacity and load attachment flexibility, the M1000 is a trustworthy option. Its inexpensive cost for a high-quality aluminum rack and the absence of bumpers give it a more useable area than other topping racks.


  • Very light
  • Included gaskets prevent leaks in the cap.
  • Durable powder coating
  • Inexpensive


  • Required drilling.

The Pace Edwards ELF0301 is stylish and durable. This pickup rack is ideal for transporting your kayak due to its simple installation.

Its high-quality materials ensure durability. The steel structure protects your kayak during transport, and the black powder-coat finish is stylish. Your kayak is lifted to avoid dirt and debris. It’s ideal for transporting kayaks without harm.

It is designed for quick setup. Just a drill and a few minutes can prepare your new rack. Made to meet or exceed strict quality standards. Its performance is constant and trouble-free.

Additionally, it includes all necessary setup equipment. This eliminates the need to buy additional components to install your rack.

Durability is this product’s finest attribute. Its steel structure and black powder-coat finish make this rack durable.


  • Built of steel
  • Powder-coat finish: black
  • Elevated design
  • Easy to install


  • Occasionally, shipping issues may arise.

Buying Guide

Consider numerous aspects when selecting the best pickup rack for kayaks to guarantee you obtain the perfect equipment for your requirements. Look for these qualities in a pickup rack for kayaks:

Type of Rack

J-cradle, saddle, stacker, and horizontal kayak pickup racks exist. Choose the kind that best meets your requirements since each has pros and cons. J-cradle racks can hold one or two kayaks, whereas stacker racks can fit four.


Kayak pickup racks are aluminum, steel, or plastic. Your material choice depends on your budget and longevity needs. Aluminum is lightweight and rust-resistant, whereas steel is stronger but heavier.


Not all pickup racks for kayaks fit all trucks. Before buying, verify sure the rack fits your vehicle. This avoids compatibility difficulties that might harm your vehicle or rack.


Another consideration is the pickup rack’s capacity. Choose a kayak rack that can support its weight. The rack’s weight capacity is generally included in the product specs; be sure it fits your kayak.


Finally, evaluate the kayak truck rack’s security measures. A solid kayak truck rack locks to protect your kayak during transit. Some racks use wires and straps for increased security.

Ease of Installation

Look for an easy-to-install and uninstall kayak rack since installing one might take time. It should fit firmly in your truck bed and have all the hardware.


Some pickup racks for kayaks include stabilizing bars or supports to keep boats in position during transit. For added security, choose a rack with these characteristics.


As with any purchase, kayak rack pricing is vital. Compare models and brands to discover one with the features you need at a price you can afford.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Are Kayak Truck Racks Safe?

Answer: They’re safe if you tie your kayak to your rack and/or vehicle and don’t carry more weight than your rack can support. A big safety flag may assist if your kayak is longer than your car.

2. Should I Use a Roof Rack?

Answer: Truck cabs may not fit conventional car roof mounts for kayaks. It might disrupt weight distribution and be harmful.

3. Could I Make a Truck Rack?

Answers: DIY kayak truck racks are feasible if they are safe and robust enough to hold your kayak while traveling.


My roundup of the best pickup racks for kayaks contains some diverse alternatives, but your pick will depend on the kayak and truck type. You’ll probably use it for more than hauling your yaks to the water. Each model I choose covers that, too.

However, a particular option jumped out: VEVOR Extendable Truck Ladder Rack.

The VEVOR Extendable Truck Ladder Rack is my top pick for a reason, but take your time and find what works for you. Any of the models you saw here may work!

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