The Best Kayak Mount For Truck in 2024

The Best Kayak Mount For Truck in 2024

One of the kayakers’ hardest problems is getting to the water! Everyone wants to explore new terrain, but few live where they paddle.

Top 6 Best Kayak Mount For Truck.

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1.MaxxHaul 70231 Hitch Mount Pick Up Truck Bed Extender Review.Buy Now
2.Thule GoalPost Vertical Bed Extender Review.Buy Now
3.Lund 601021 Hitch Mounted Bed Extender Review.Buy Now
4.Goplus Pickup Truck Bed Hitch Extender Review.Buy Now
5.Yakima LongArm Truck Bed Extender Review.Buy Now
6.AA-Racks Model APX25-E Short Bed Truck Ladder Rack Review.Buy Now

Trucks transport most loads, so why not your kayak? Unfortunately, most kayaks are too long for truck beds.

The Best Kayak Mount For Truck in 2024

This article will analyze the best kayak mounts for trucks and explain how to pick one, including the pros and cons of each. Let’s begin.

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For outdoor lovers, the MaxxHaul truck bed extender is a blessing. No manner is simpler or safer than attaching a heavy kayak, canoe, ladder, or timber to your truck.

Its steel construction withstands time and weather. The rust-resistant paint is important to me as someone who has been splashed by salty ocean many times.

After a day on the water, no more corrosion worries. Its front and side reflective materials make you visible in low light, adding safety.

I like the extender’s versatility. I can always put a 12-foot kayak or a stack of logs for a bonfire in the extender’s flexible opening. The side arms of this kayak mount for the truck fold easily for increased stability.

This equipment can carry my favorite kayak and other critical accessories with its 350-pound load capacity. For explorers and kayakers, the MaxxHaul truck bed extender hitch mount is a must. It’s a reliable travel buddy that makes gear hauling easy.


  • Great width and length adjustment.
  • High visibility via reflective tapes
  • Easy installation and disassembly with quick clevis pin removal.
  • Covered with rust-resistant paint
  • Foldable side arms for further support.


  • Improper usage might lead to overloading.

Thule GoalPost work with truck roof rack crossbars. This kayak mount for truck fits to your pickup’s hitch and can be extended vertically to hold your kayak.

The telescopic vertical bar adjusts from 46 to 67 inches to match the crossbar on your cab roof and fit various truck heights and types. However, the rack only supports 2″ receivers.

A 58-inch crossbar fits the vertical extender of the GoalPost to support your kayak. You may carry two kayaks on this rack if you remain inside the 165-pound weight restriction.

A twin-coat anti-corrosion coating protects the steel bars and the rack’s anti-wobble structure. It has two load straps and works with a variety of kayak saddles and cradles (available separately). If your SUV’s height fits the telescopic arm, you may utilize this rack.


  • Extends up to 67″
  • Includes 58-inch crossbar
  • Contains two load straps
  • Durable coating
  • Carries two kayaks


  • Rack is limited to 2″ receivers.

Lund 601021 Hitch Mounted Truck Bed Extender is a detachable kayak mount for truck. This truck bed hitch extender supports a 2-inch receiver hitch and adds four feet of space beyond the trailer hitch.

The weight limit of this powerful steel hitch rack is 750 lbs. Like other bed extenders, the Lund Bed Extender is easy to use. Its assembly is easy and non-technical, and it folds up for storage.

This kayak mount for trucks may be supported by these truck bed extenders’ vertical “goal posts” with an adaptor. Most states need a safety flag and red bright tape, therefore I like this kayak mount for trucks. Finally, movable goal post arms let you carry kayaks of various sizes.


  • High weight capacity
  • Include flag and reflective tape.
  • Fits standard 2-inch receiver hitches.
  • The hitch rack is easy to assemble.


  • You need an adaptor to use the rack system vertically.

This kayak mount for trucks is great for transporting kayaks. Truck beds and roofs can easily carry kayaks and other long items. This versatile hitch-mounted bed extender is different.

It may be used to lengthen your truck’s bed or raise it to the roof. Height adjusts from 15 ¾” to 63 ¼” (shank top) and width from 28″ to 48″. Moreover, the extender fits a 2-inch hitch receiver.

SUVs may utilize the hitch extender like trucks. You may lay down the SUV seats and use this kayak mount for truck depending on your kayak length and a short ride to the water.

You can attach your kayak to your SUV roof vertically. Its versatility makes this hitch extender one of the finest truck or SUV kayak racks. With its quick installation and breakdown, you may store the rack when not in use. This rack works for SUPs, canoes, and timber.


  • Versatile
  • Configure two methods
  • Powder-coating durability
  • Reflective tape helps see.
  • Adjustable


  • Users say its vertical orientation is shaky.

Did you want a bottle opener on your kayak rack? The crossbar side of this entry has that functionality.

The LongArm has a 60″ crossbar and reaches 4 feet beyond the truck bed. Its arm may be adjusted to open bed (tailgate open), truck bed-rail, or vertical (cab-level). The bed-rail location works with Yakima BedRock racks and tonneau covers. A second extension arm makes the vertical position suitable for top-of-cab racks.

Its weatherproof metal arm with a black powder-coat finish can handle 300 lbs. Its supplied 5/8″ threaded hitch bolt attaches the LongArm to any 2″ hitch rack receiver. A separate Yakima HitchLock secures the rack to the truck bed hitch. Yakima offers height extensions for taller piles.

As before, Yakima lets clients customize. You can use the basic product without add-ons this time. Less expensive than the AMP and the preceding Yakima, making accessories cheaper.


  • Extends truck beds up to 48″
  • Lightweight aluminum build
  • High weight capacity
  • Compatible with numerous accessories


  • None

The AA-Racks APX25-E permanent rack is ideal for secure kayak transport. You may also move logs, canoes, and other heavy objects.

No utility track trucks can use this kayak mount for truck, however, it fits all full-size truck beds. Its reinforced aluminum material makes it sturdy.

This rack is 71″ wide and 28″ tall. It has a cantilever that mounts to your truck’s crossbars to offer 38 inches of carrying capacity.

With an 800-pound weight capacity, the APX25-E can transport numerous kayaks. Its eight mounting clamps make it simple to install without drilling into your vehicle bed.


  • Universally compatible with full-size pickups
  • Drillless installation
  • Strong, strengthened aluminum
  • Big weight limit


  • Incompatible with utility track

Buying Guide

Consider numerous aspects when selecting the best kayak truck rack to guarantee you get the perfect equipment for your requirements. Look for these qualities in a kayak mount for truck:


U-shaped and hitch-mounted truck bed extenders are the primary types:

• U-shaped extenders are practical, constructed of metal or plastic, and simple to build. These can handle heavier goods on the tailgate when folded out.

• Hitch-mounted extenders provide flexibility and adjustability. They can function horizontally and vertically, making them useful for many vehicles. These units’ supported arms secure longer load well.


Before buying, consider the kayak mount’s durability. Durable extenders are worth the additional money. Consider buying a sturdy extender even if it costs more since low-quality ones are easily broken and cost more to replace.


Knowing what you’re transporting makes choosing the correct size and load capacity for kayak mounts simpler. If you want to carry a kayak, estimate its size and buy a kayak rack for truck.


kayak mount’s compatibility with your vehicle is the most critical factor before buying. Size and load parameters for certain truck models and kinds exist on all kayak mounts for truck. Know your truck and rack characteristics before buying.


Installing kayak mounts might be difficult without the right knowledge. Thus, it is essential to ensure that the manufacturer provides complete installation instructions and all required equipment.


1. Should kayaks be carried upside-down?

Answer: Composite kayaks must be put upside down on your roof. Cracks and deformation may result from sudden impacts and stresses. Its qualities vary from plastic kayaks, which may be positioned anywhere.

2. A truck can hold how many kayaks?

Answer: Your truck and kayak size determine your capacity to transport numerous kayaks. Bigger trucks can transport more kayaks, usually four. Kayak mounts let tiny trucks haul two kayaks when they open their tailgate.

3. How to fasten kayaks to truck racks?

Answer: Your kayak should be upside down and balanced with a two-inch clearance from the truck’s roof. Attach the belt strap on the kayak and top bar. Ensure it’s not excessively tight or loose.

4. Should my kayak need a truck bed extender?

Answer: Bed extenders are best for long kayaks and small truck beds. Your tailgate provides boat room, while the extension becomes the new tailgate. You may also pick a different truck kayak mount.


For the best kayak mount for truck, take the MaxxHaul truck bed extender as my top pick. Its sturdy construction, simple installation, and adaptable design make it perfect for transporting your kayak safely. This kayak mount provides peace of mind and convenience for keen adventurers and occasional water enthusiasts. With the MaxxHaul truck bed extender, you can travel with confidence knowing your kayak is safe. This sturdy mount makes kayaking easy!

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