Sit On Top Kayak Seat: With Buying Guide Review in 2024 USA

Sit On Top Kayak Seat: With Buying Guide Review in 2024 USA

The best sit on top kayak seats aren’t always available. Despite finding the perfect kayak, the seat may leave you wanting more.

Sit On Top Kayak Seat: With Buying Guide Review in 2024 USA

The best sit on top kayak seat should be comfy, supportive, dry, and let you sit for hours without back or buttock pain. Hopefully, your arms will weary before your bum.

Top 6 Sit On Top Kayak Seat.

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3.Pactrade Marine Adjustable Padded Deluxe Kayak Seat Review.Buy Now
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5.Sea Eagle Deluxe Inflatable Kayak Seat Review.Buy Now
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You may relax while reading about the best kayak seats for 2024 since I did the hard work of finding them.

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Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus Seat Back is great for touring and taller kayakers who need back support.

This sit on top kayak seat is made of UV-resistant nylon, and offers a four-way adjusting system that fits practically any body shape, giving superior upper back support and increased stability and comfort.

The Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus exclusively fits Ocean Kayak models, which is its main downside. If you own an Ocean Kayak, this isn’t an issue, but if you own another brand, it may be.

Before buying, make sure its fitting system suits your kayak’s. Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus is great if you want back support from a kayak seat.


  • UV-resistant
  • Great back support
  • Four-way adjustability system


  • Designed for Ocean Kayak brand kayaks only.
  • No additional storage

Sit On Top Kayak Seat

With rod and equipment storage and back support, the Skwoosh Big Catch Kayak Seat is a useful fishing accessory.

Both sides of the seat include vertical rod holders for fishing poles. A bungee-corded seatback holder holds pliers or other tools.

The Big Catch sit on top kayak seat features a gel bottom like the Skwoosh Cushion and adapts to your body. This lets you fish for hours without discomfort.

Adjustable and two-point attached, this type fits most kayaks. To prevent seat shifting during paddling, additional connection points would have been helpful.


  • Excellent back support
  • Ample storage space
  • Adjustable
  • Easy installation


  • More attachment points would be beneficial.

Pactrade Marine calls this Deluxe sit on top kayak seat due to its features. EVA foam and polyethylene plates cushion the kayak seat, providing support and comfort. Neoprene and 600D polyester made the seat robust, UV-resistant, and water-resistant.

Additionally, its non-slip contoured cushioned slip surface reduces sliding if you or the kayak moves. Adjustable front and rear straps provide comfort and support.

Moreover, a zipper puck at the rear lets you store accessories or cartons and you may disconnect it anytime.


  • The nonslip contoured cushioned slip surface.
  • Store items in a zipper pouch.
  • Front and back adjustable straps.
  • Durable, strong construction.
  • Provides sufficient cushioning and back support.


  • May be too swaying.

Perception Framed Kayak Seat is suitable with Outlaw and Pescador Pro fishing kayaks.

Its drawback is that it doesn’t fit other kayaks. After paddling or fishing, you may use it on the beach or at camp.

For hot days on the water, this sit on top kayak seat has breathable mesh material on the seat bottom and backrest. My butt stays drier than other seats since it’s raised off the surface.

Its robust aluminum frame may be mounted high or low on your Perception kayak deck. Its side webbing straps enable backrest angle adjustment, which I like.


  • Suitable for usage on land.
  • Mesh seat for breathability
  • Lifted off the deck


  • Not suitable for all kayaks

Installing a more comfortable seat to an inflatable kayak is difficult since hard components might damage the hull. Inflatable kayaks are convenient to store and transfer, but their non-inflatable nature reduces this.

The Sea Eagle Deluxe Inflatable kayak seat eliminates all those difficulties. It supports the back, promotes comfort, and packs up as fast and neatly as an inflatable kayak.

This sit on top kayak seat has a tiny storage compartment on the back and sits 5 inches from the bottom with 14 inches of back support.

You can detach it from your kayak and can use it as a conventional inflatable seat for kayak camping owing to its size and depth!

The Sea Eagle Deluxe Inflatable kayak seat combines the ease of an inflatable kayak with the firmness and comfort of a kayaking seat, which is impossible with ordinary seats.


  • Easy to load and store inflatable
  • Can serve as a chair
  • Additional storage bag


  • Unsuitable for rigid kayaks

To enjoy kayaking with your kids, make sure they have the proper equipment. If your kids are uncomfortable in the kayak, they’ll get fussy quickly!

Harmony Gear’s Kid’s sit on top Kayak Seat fits 85-pound kids. A two-inch seat cushion offers enough comfort. The high seat back facilitates paddling and rests during breaks.

It’s easy to put up since this type doesn’t connect to the kayak using clips or fasteners. Its strapless design makes this kid’s seat simple to install in most kayaks, including sit-on-tops without connection points. In addition, with a tandem kayak, you may transfer from front to duffer without leaving the water.

This variant incorporates a non-slip strip on the seat base for stability. If your kids need a more secure seat, this may not be appropriate.

It has two adjustable side straps that connect the seatback to the cushion, but no kayak attachment straps. These sturdy webbing straps are adjustable in tension and angle. I appreciate that these adjustments are available while the seat is in use.


  • Easily set up
  • Padded seat cushion
  • Adjustable.
  • Suitable for most kayaks
  • Compact packing


  • No secure connection points

Why You Need a Comfortable Kayak Seat

A comfy kayak seat might make or ruin your journey. Best sit on top kayak seats let you paddle for hours without soreness.

Numbness and early bedtime owing to other aches and pains are irrelevant. A proper seat may also wick sweat, minimize chafing, and support your lumbar.

Finding a comfortable kayak seat involves size, style, cushioning, and form.

This is why I have listed the 6 best sit on top kayak seats for 2024 and provided some recommendations for picking one.

Buying Guide: How Do You Choose a sit on top Kayak Seat?

Type of Kayak

Your boat may not suit all kayak seats. Some seats fit most kayaks. Some are designed for certain kayak models.

Most kayak seat vendors list compatible models. If not, test the mounting style for your boat. Better still, ask the maker or read kayaker reviews.

Check your kayak seat fit before purchase. Check the kayak cockpit dimensions to avoid buying a seat too large for your yak.

Type of Kayaking

The seat you choose depends on your kayaking style. Fishing and traveling need an additional cushion. Since these hobbies require hours of sitting, you don’t want to feel sore at the end. A chair with good lumbar support is also needed.

Another consideration for kayak anglers is storage. You’ll appreciate having your fishing gear handy. A solid, anti-slip seat would be ideal for whitewater kayakers. Kayaking down a waterfall or rapid with a sliding seat is unpleasant.

Body Type

Consider your body type while picking a sit on top kayak seat. It primarily depends on your size and form. Seats and backrests should be broader for larger kayakers.  As noted above, taller people should choose a seat with a high backrest.


The proper kayak seat should be padded. Too much reduces breathability and too little is uncomfortable. Find a cushioned kayak seat for long trips.

Mostly, kayak seats contain gel or foam cushioning. And some have foam padding that lasts longer. It suits frequent, long-distance kayakers. Over time, the foam may compress, and become unpleasant.

Gel cushioning is the most comfortable and compression-resistant. But, it’s less durable than pressure-molded foam.

Back Support

No matter how great the seat, a bad back support will ruin it.

The right backrest should be broad and high enough for the back. Larger individuals should buy seats with bigger backrests. Backrests should be higher for taller kayakers.

Consider if the backrest angle is adjustable. Thus, you may place it as desired. Not all taller back supports are better for back support. An extremely high one may slow paddling and casting. So, the backrest height should be moderate.

Seat Fabric

Kayak seats are usually polyester, nylon, or neoprene. Nylon is cheap, water-resistant, and durable. It can handle rigorous usage and abuse. This material resists sun and seawater damage.

Polyester is moisture-wicking and supple. It keeps you cool when kayaking in heat. You may use neoprene in water. It’s ideal for sit on top kayaks. No worries about getting wet.


Can you imagine kayaking on a loose seat? Not only is it irritating, but you may swim unplanned.  Search for a slip-resistant kayak seat to avoid slipping.

The kayak seat attachment adds stability. Secure connection with many straps. Most seats have four—two front and two rear. Straps should be strong to prevent breaking.


Sit on top Kayak seat selection might be difficult. You don’t want hardship. After knowing what to look for, you may easily choose a kayak seat that fits. Soreness and discomfort are needless.

The Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus Seat Back is my favorite since it’s inexpensive and comfy. Its personalized support and body conformation will please you. Since the seat won’t slide, the non-slip bottom is great.

Do not let a lousy kayak seat spoil your trip. Choose one of the seven wonderful alternatives above and have fun!

Happy kayaking!

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