Best Rod Mount For Kayak: Buying Guide in 2024

Best Rod Mount For Kayak: Buying Guide in 2024

Every paddler thinks about kayak rod mounts while customizing their kayak or fishing. Rod mount for kayak is the major feature that distinguishes a kayak from others. If you want top-notch fishing kayak rod mounts or regular ones, you’ve come to the perfect spot.

Best Rod Mount For Kayak: Buying Guide in 2024.

In this blog article, I’ll show you the top 5 rod mounts for kayak that will turn your kayak into a fishing powerhouse.

Top 6 Best Rod Mount For Kayak.

Sr. No.Products NamePurchase Links
1.Scotty #339-BK Power Lock Rod Holder with Clamp Mount Review.Buy Now
2.Yak Attack Omega Review.Buy Now
3.SeaSense Two Rack Rod Holder Review.Buy Now
4.Cannon 2450169-1 Adjustable Track Mounted Rod Holder Review.Buy Now
5.PLUSINNO Rod Holders Review.Buy Now

So relax, get a cup of coffee or tea, and read this guide-style blog post.

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Scotty #229-BK Power Lock Rod Holder, a top brand and my top pick, offers great value. Turn its side knob to raise or lower this rod mount for kayak. You may choose from numerous rod angles.

This Power Lock rod mount is sturdy and fits several rod designs. Scotty rod mounts include a locking ring on the front to secure your pole. For safety, attach your fishing rod to your kayak.

Not expensive, this rod mount for kayak is durable and effective.

Scotty fishing rod holders are durable, stylish, and affordable. Looking for a superior kayak rod holder or mount? Try this.


  • All-purpose crib
  • Up/down adjustable
  • Open-style rod holder
  • Strong and durable


  • Limited features compared to other models

Yak Attack Omega rod mounts are familiar to kayak anglers who have spent more than 5 minutes on one. It’s a popular rod mount for kayak since it’s almost perfect. Omega rod holders use a patented gimbal mount to connect to the t-track like other Yak Attack rod mounts. Left-pressing the base lever lets you freely spin the rod-holder. This kayak rod holder may be removed by opening it to the right, leaving the base on the track.

Rod angle is easily modified using the mid-point knob. One-handed 15° angle changes are possible with a few left twists. Up top, its collar rotates for locked and unlocked casting, spinning, and fly rods. Two top holes are ideal for rod leashes if you’re worried about losing a rod.

The Yak Attack Omega comes as normal and in the “Pro” version with an additional arm for articulation. While the normal version may be modified with 4″ and 8″ extension arms, we advise starting with the Pro version. It saves money and has greater articulation.


  • Very simple to install
  • Fully adjustable
  • It fits YakAttack and most factory tracks.
  • Robust rod holder


  • Costlier than competitors
  • Your kayak needs tracks.

This SeaSense rod holder rack attaches to a kayak fishing crate or DIY milk crate. This rod mount for kayak may also fit on the outside of one of the top kayak fishing coolers if you have any.

Building a kayak cooler with a rod mount on the exterior might also be useful for fishing. This polypropylene rod mount is single-piece, eliminating hinges and other weak areas.

This UV-stabilized rod mount for kayak is crack-resistant and easy to clean with warm water and a gentle detergent. It also includes all the mounting gear for fast and easy installation.


  • The construction is single-piece.
  • Prevents joint weakness
  • Resistance to cracks
  • Easily installed
  • Hardware included for mounting


  • None

Kayak fishing requires a rod mount that can pace up with your busy lifestyle. The Cannon 2450169-1 Track Mounted Rod Holder’s three positions and spring-loaded tension knob are ideal. This rod mount for kayak gets your rod in hand quickly for baitcasting or spinning. Plus, you can easily position the rod mount to get a nice shot at that monster fish.

The pricing makes this kayak rod mount excellent. This is the best value on a quality kayak rod holder/mount, so increase your kayak fishing adventure without bursting your bank. Its strong design and craftsmanship will last you through many kayak fishing adventures. So why wait? Purchase the Cannon Rod Holder now!

There are 6″ extension posts, rail mount adapters, and flush mount adapters for this kayak rod holder, which has a 360° base that can be top or side installed. This adjustable rod mount for kayak lets you vary rod angle. Its super-secure locking mechanism keeps your kayak rod in place even in unstable conditions.

The Cannon kayak rod holder is ideal for beginners and experts both.


  • Three-position setup
  • Angles change easily
  • Inexpensive
  • Strong construction
  • Safe locking system


  • Need Track System.

The bottom clamp of PLUSINNO rod mounts makes them easy to fasten on top of kayaks or canoes. They have two rod mounts with smaller or bigger clamps.

You may choose the design with a smaller clamp aperture of 1.97 inches. A 4.75-inch clamp hole is available if your kayak’s rod holder clamping area is broader.

Both rod mounts are available in two-packs and manufactured of heavy-duty ABS plastic for impact and anti-corrosion properties. This rod mount holds spinning reels, fly rods, and bait casters.

They rotate 360 degrees once secured for flexibility. A side-mounted rotary button controls the rod holder’s up and down movement and secures it.


  • 360-degree adjustability
  • Built to last
  • Securely holds many fishing rods
  • Wide clamp opening


  • Thicker kayaks may not fit.
  • Some users are unable to adjust their clamp mechanism.

Kayak Rod Mounts Buying Guide

Mount Type

How you install the rod mount defines its style. Some involve drilling and many settings. Various rod mounts have various mounting patterns. Read on:

• Flush Mount:

A type intended to attach rod mounts to bolts and remain there. This method installs the rod mount beneath a kayak. Handle will be below the surface, reel, and other pieces above. Adjusting such a holder requires tools and effort. The flush mount is popular for its sturdy construction, clean design, and simplicity. No weak portions will move following the strike.

• Clamp:

You may fasten gears to kayaks using this option. It’s perfect for anglers who don’t enjoy drilling gear mounts into kayak decks. It’s also great for kayak renters and borrowers. Due to its spring-loaded nature, this type of holder may be attached to many kayaks. This expands your versatility.

• Track or Rail:

Many contemporary kayaks and boats include track or rail. Some rod mounts are designed to attach to them. Use it on track or rail tracks to find such kind.

• Threaded:

Threaded rod mounts have machined ends that screw into kayak receptacles. They are safer than others. If your kayak doesn’t have a receptacle, it’s pointless buying one of this type.


Many rod mounts only hold one rod. The light-traveling kayak fisherman with two rods needs this. The rods may be adjusted separately or attached in a unique arrangement.

Some mounts are larger and may be installed in crates. They have 3-rod slots on each component for increased holding. Despite their unpopularity, they are simple to use. Look for multiple rod mounts if you’re kayaking.


Thinking about the material is essential. The rod should be held securely to resist fish pulls. It should last that long. Aluminum, brass, stainless steel, fiberglass, and nylon are good materials. They are affordable and corrosion-resistant.

Metal, the most durable material, is also fantastic. Metal rod mounts are rust-resistant, making them excellent for saltwater fishing rods. Such materials are more expensive than others, but worth it.


Kayaks and boats rod mounts vary somewhat. Thus, the design must fit the vessel. Manufacturers have created a design that will suit boaters and kayakers. You may switch hybrid rod mounts.


Safe rod mounts for kayaks are also crucial. One put wrongly is more likely to be dragged by a fish. You may lose your fishing rod in the water.


1. Do I Need Many Fishing Rod Holders?

Answers: Many kayaks include rod mounts. Two flush-mount rod racks are found beneath the seat of certain recreational kayaks. You must decide how many rod mounts you need.

2. Where to Place a Rod Mount for Kayak?

Answers: You want to install the rod mount for easy fishing pole access and paddling space. You don’t want the rod holder blocking your stroke. Try a dry run to identify an appropriate rod mount location.

3. Can I Drill My Kayak?

Answers: Some kayak rod mounts need drilling. Trying something for the first time might be intimidating. Just be watchful. This may impact your kayak warranty, so verify with the manufacturer.

You may choose a kayak mount from the various ones I covered above. Avoid drilling your kayak by using a clamp-on rod holder.

Rod Mount for Kayak – Conclusion

Kayakers who want to maximize their time on the water need rod mounts. They store your fishing rods safely and make them simple to grab when a large fish bites. With so many kayak rod mounts available, it might be hard to choose one that meets your requirements. Try my top kayak rod mounts from the list above so you can select one quickly and get back to fishing!

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