The Best Trolling Motors For Kayaks: Buying Guide in 2024

The Best Trolling Motors For Kayaks: Buying Guide in 2024

You’re ready to kayak fish with the correct kayak, rod, reel, and PFD. You put your kayak into the water just as the sun is rising over the water. Mid-morning arrives when you reach your honey hole after the paddle.

Top 5 Best Trolling Motors For Kayaks.

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2.Minn Kota Endura Transom Mount Trolling Motor Review.Buy Now
3.Newport Vessels NK-180S Review.Buy Now
4.Pexmor 36lb Transom Mounted Kayak Trolling Motor Review.Buy Now
5.Goplus Electric Trolling Motor Review.Buy Now

The Best Trolling Motors For Kayaks: Buying Guide in 2024.

Trolling motors for kayaks are perfect for long-distance kayaking lovers. Electric Trolling motors for kayaks are becoming popular in kayaking due to their small size, power, and quietness.

But choosing a trolling motor requires skill. The following buying guide and top trolling motors for kayaks are available to assist.

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This Newport Vessels NV-Series 55lb is one of the most robust and trustworthy trolling motors for kayaks. With a 6-inch telescoping handle and 55 pounds of force, it has eight-speed levels and makes accurate steering fun. It even generates a “clicking” sound when you swap gears or switch off the motor.

With its 24-inch hyper-tough fiberglass shaft and extra-long (5.5′) wires, the motor is simple to connect to the batteries wherever it’s housed.

Its all-aluminum head and rust-resistant zinc, magnesium, and stainless steel components make it seawater-rated and able to survive saltwater rust.


  • Great battery life
  • Highly reliable and lasting
  • High-quality client service
  • Adjustable shaft length
  • High thrust capacity


  • Heavy compared to smaller, lower-thrust motors.

The Minn Kota Endura trolling motor is popular for good reason. It has several thrust possibilities. Minn Kota claims its Endura motor composite shaft is unbreakable and all other parts are durable. Moreover, the trolling motor for kayak is covered for two years.

There are many thrust level and shaft length options: 30-, 40-, 45-, 50-, and 55-pound thrusts. 40- and 42-pound trolling motors for kayaks have 36-inch shafts, whereas 30-pound ones have 30-inch shafts. Choose a 36-inch or 42-inch shaft for the 50-pound and 55-pound motors and they all need 12V.

Every weight except the 55-pound has five forward and three reverse speeds. The 55-pound has 10 forward and 3 reverse speeds.

Trolling motors from Minn Kota include power props, ergonomic steering, and speed controls. This trolling motor has wires and gator clips, you just need to purchase a 12V battery.


  • Provides numerous thrust levels.
  • All parts built to endure.
  • Has a two-year warranty.
  • Ergonomic steering and speed control
  • Provides cables and gator clips.


  • Needs a 12-volt battery (not supplied).

One of the most powerful trolling motors for kayaks is Newport Vessels NK-180S. It can propel a lightweight kayak over 5 mph using the power of a 1.8hp petrol outboard.

This 24-volt direct drive motor is brushless for quieter and greater efficiency. This extends run time without a larger battery. Large-display speed controllers are another distinction. Its boat-like speed control and magnetic kill button cut it off if you go overboard.

Four bolts secure the engine to your kayak’s stern. Using steering wires, you may maneuver it like a rudder. Check your kayak’s compatibility before ordering the NK-180S. However, this 24-volt trolling motor requires two lead-acid (AGM or Gel) or lithium batteries.


  • Power comparable to a 1.8hp petrol outboard.
  • Brushless motor for quieter, more efficient running.
  • Large display and boat-like speed control.
  • Magnetic safety kill switch.
  • Attaches to kayak’s stern with 4 bolts.


  • Needs two lead-acid or lithium batteries to run.

This Pexmor trolling motor for kayaks is affordable. It offers the features and build quality of more expensive motors and delivers 36lb of thrust, adequate for most kayak fishermen.

The shaft is 34″, which appears lengthy, but the transom mount is adjustable, so you may set the propellers at any depth depending on the circumstances.

1-10 LED light indicators to measure battery level, so you’ll never be caught in a lake without electricity! I like its simple tiller handles for power operation when kayak fishing and this one is telescopic and adjustable by 6″, giving you lots of installation alternatives.

A button to modify the shaft angle allows you plenty of flexibility to adapt to diverse water conditions, which I enjoy the most.

This saltwater/freshwater trolling motor is anti-corrosion with a fiberglass composite shaft and aluminum head.


  • Great choice for value
  • Adjustable transom mount for different depths
  • LED light indicates battery capacity.
  • Adjustable and telescopic tiller handle
  • Press-button shaft angle adjustment


  • Shaft length may seem lengthy.

You may power a kayak with the Goplus Electric Trolling Motor’s 46, 55, or 86-pound thrust. Goplus developed an electric trolling motor with 8 speeds—5 forward and 3 reverse. Its ergonomic telescoping handle’s dial makes speed controls easy to modify for comfort.

Goplus made the engine using fiberglass composite rods, die-cast aluminum heads, and reinforced composite materials to resist salt and freshwater corrosion, warping, and bending.

The mounting bracket tilt mechanism of these trolling motors for kayaks lets you modify shaft height and angle for optimal depth placement as you drive through varying water depths. This function also allows you to maneuver your kayak whether sitting or standing.


  • Suitable for kayaks with 46 lbs thrust variation.
  • Includes 8-speed settings (5 forward, 3 reverse) for flexibility.
  • Built with durable fiberglass composite rods and die-cast aluminum heads.
  • Variable shaft height and angle for different water depths.
  • Comfortable ergonomic telescoping handle for control


  • None

Considerations and Buying Guide When Choosing a Trolling Motor


Less thrust is needed for smaller kayaks. Consider kayak length and breadth to estimate minimal thrust.

Weight Capacity

The thrust needed depends on the weight of your kayak with gear and passengers. A stronger motor is needed for a heavier kayak.

Saltwater Or Freshwater?

Special qualities are needed for saltwater trolling motors to resist corrosion and extreme environments. Select versions with stainless steel shafts and saltwater-resistant seals.

Freshwater motors require less corrosion resistance than saltwater ones. However, a model with a weatherproof covering may be worth considering.


Thrust, measured in pounds, influences motor power. Aim for 2 lbs of thrust per 100 lbs of boat weight. Consider wind, current, and fishing methods while choosing.


Trolling motors have speed adjustments. Choose a model with a suitable speed range for slow trolling or long distances.

Battery Life

Trolling motor runtime depends on battery size and type. Choose a long-lasting battery based on your fishing time.

Power Consumption

Larger motors demand greater power and battery capacity. Choose energy-efficient versions to extend battery life.

Mounting Options

Kayak motors may be transom, bow, or stern mounted. Your kayak design and desire determine your mounting option.


Price may be the most essential factor when buying a kayak motor. While more costly motors are more powerful and have more functions, they may not be essential if you only need a simple motor for water travel.


1. How long do trolling motor batteries last?

Answer: Amperage-hour lifetime and power drain determine battery life. A 100-amp-hour battery can operate for 8 hours at 12.5 amps or 4 hours at 25 amps.

Higher speeds use more energy from the battery, making it drain quicker. Slow down to save battery.

2. Can inflatable kayaks have trolling motors for kayaks?

Answer: You may need to strengthen inflatable kayaks to provide trolling motors with a sturdy foundation to drive against. The engine might shred the inflatable kayak fabric without bracing and correct motor positioning.

3. Is a kayak trolling motor legal?

Answer: Installing a trolling motor on your kayak, paddleboard, or canoe is permitted in all 50 U.S. states and Canada.

4. Do trolling motors for kayaks need registration?

Answer: Absolutely! It must be registered with your local Small Vessel Register as a “motorized” vessel rather than a “paddle-powered” craft since you added a motor.

Trolling Motors for Kayaks – Conclusion

This buying guide will help you decide what to look for in a new kayak trolling motor. Choosing a trolling motor is vital and depends on your kayak.

I choose the Newport Vessels NV-Series for value in the first place and then Minn Kota for freshwater trolling.

Additionally, you must consider where you will be using your trolling motor. A motor intended for both sea and freshwater fishing may be useful if you’re uncertain or want to fish both.

After installing a trolling motor, you may need to license or register your kayak. Choose one with adequate thrust for your kayak’s weight.

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