The Ultimate Guide: Finding the 10 Best Wheels For Kayak

Best Wheels For Kayak

Kayaking is enjoyable, but carrying your Kayak to the water’s edge is not, particularly if you’re going through the woods or down rugged terrain, especially with tandem or touring boats.

The Ultimate Guide: Finding the Best Wheels For Kayak

The best kayak cart can simplify life and lessen the risk of injury and damage by carrying the weight. A kayak cart is sometimes called a kayak wheel, trolley, or dolly. All are similar and serve the same purpose.

Top Best Wheels For Kayak

Sr. No.Products NamePurchase Links
1.Wilderness Kayak Flat Wheels Review. Buy on Amazon
2.Seattle Sports Scupper Swift Sit-on-Top Review. Buy on Amazon
3.ABN Universal Kayak Carrier ReviewBuy on Amazon
4.Attwood 11930-4 Kayak and Canoe Car Review.Buy on Amazon
5.C-Tug With Sandtrakz Wheels Review.Buy on Amazon
6.Rad Sportz Kayak Trolley Pro Review.Buy on Amazon
7.OxGord Kayak Wheels Review.Buy on Amazon
8.Suspenz Smart Airless Kayak Cart Review.Buy on Amazon
9.Newcod Kayak Cart Review.Buy on Amazon
10YakAttack TowNStow Kayak Carts Review.Buy on Amazon

Many kayak carts are available, each with somewhat different characteristics that may or may not benefit you. This article reviews my favorite kayak carts and offers advice on selecting one.

Wilderness Systems, known for their Best Wheels For Kayak, has released a heavy-duty kayak cart with flat-free wheels. Wilderness Systems’ Heavy-Duty kayak cart can carry the heaviest kayaks. It can hold 450 pounds. This cart’s creative design makes kayak loading and unloading easy without kickstands or scupper posts.

The airless wheel has a 12″ diameter and won’t flatten. It rolls well over difficult terrain due to its construction. You may also purchase an additional huge beach wheel in balloon form and attach it to the same frame.

Bunker bar frames with adjustable widths prevent kayaks from twisting and sliding on this kayak cart. The set includes two security straps to prevent kayak slippage. Height choices include high for irregularly shaped hulls and low for a lower center of gravity to avoid tip-overs.

The kayak cart collapses effortlessly for storage and fits in big kayak hatches. Looking at this wilderness systems kayak cart, you can tell it’s constructed of good stuff. Marine-grade, heat-treated aluminum alloy gives it strength. If money is no object, buy this kayak cart.


  • Benefits anglers and paddlers with heavier kayaks.
  • Large 12-inch airless wheels
  • Wheels never flatten.
  • Ability to handle challenging circumstances
  • Includes two security straps.


  • Difficult to store or transport due to bulkiness.

Seattle Sports updated their scupper quick Sit-on-top with the Best Wheels For Kayak cart with more modern features.

With an adjustable axle width, it fits boats ranging from 8.5″ to 18″. This beautiful kayak cart is made of anodized aluminum.

It’s rugged 35mm anodized frame and airless tires never flatten. Although it may not be the best kayak cart for heavier kayaks, it can handle most kayaks with a 150-pound weight capacity.

This sit-on-top kayak trolley loads kayaks easily. Use your Kayak by sliding it on or off the coated and cushioned uprights. Storage is simple with the frame disassembled. It looks good in matte black with cobalt wheels.


  • Heavy-duty 35mm Anodized frame with Airless Tires for flat prevention.
  • The width may be adjusted. Axle suitable for 8.5″ to 18″ boats.
  • Easy loading and unloading of Kayak
  • Wheels with matte black cobalt accents
  • Solid urethane tires reduce vibration.
  • Easy storage with a foldable frame.


  • Limited weight capacity

My favorite pick for an economical Best Wheels For Kayak cart is the ABN Universal Kayak Carrier.

With its 9.5-inch knobby tires, this kayak trolley handles grass, road, gravel, and sand nicely. This cart doesn’t have a built-in strap structure or adjustable hull pads like the Suspenz DLX and Railblaza C-Tug cart. Therefore, it won’t fit as securely.

Frame foam cushions support the kayak hull. The 12-foot strap provided with the cart must be used to secure your Kayak when traveling.

Anodized steel prevents salty rust and corrosion on the cart. The 8-pound ABN Universal Kayak Carrier won’t weigh you down on the water. Additionally, at 16 inches wide, it fits most kayaks, paddleboards, and small dinghies.

The wheels are detachable, and the frame folds flat, although it’s less compact than other versions in this review. If your sit-in kayak has tiny hatches, this cart will fit poorly. However, you might attach it to your boat’s deck.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy setup/collapse
  • Rolls smoothly over uneven terrain
  • Durable materials
  • Spring-loaded kickstand


  • Lacks built-in strap system

You may put your Best Wheels For Kayak or canoe onto the Attwood kayak trailer alone. Like other one-kayak trailers, it is simple to bring it near the water and avoid hauling heavy water equipment.

This trailer has large-diameter non-deflatable wheels for easy hauling, unlike others.

You can swiftly move your 100-pound gear to the location without losing interest in the water activity. Fun on the water is minutes away with the Attwood trailer’s easy assembly.


  • Excellent kayak trailer for difficult terrains.
  • Easy disassembly and storage in a kayak hitch


  • Unsuitable for carrying many kayaks simultaneously.

Best Wheels For Kayak The C-Tug’s 100% tool-free assembly relieves numerous users. The Sandtrakz Wheels eliminated puncture concerns. Its creative design included a bulldozer-like rubber tread. Moreover, this cart is compact and fits in hatches.

This 11.5-pound c tug kayak cart can transport 170 pounds and features a lightweight plastic hull. It works with C-Tug snap and locks on kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, and surfboards. It also has a C-Tug Kickstand, Cross Beam, Strap Kit, and Hull Pad for mobility.

SandTrackz wheels make moving cargo across soft sand and dirt easier. They’re meant for soft grounds, but compression tires work on firmer ground. The C-Tug strikes a good balance between robustness and mobility. This gadget is so compact and light you can store it like a camp stove.

Its lightweight design is suited for sand and light kayaks. Many buyers like the polymer inner hub and good bearing.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable for plastic design
  • Easy to store


  • Not suitable for kayaks above 200 lbs.

My best favorite pick is the Rad Sportz Kayak Trolley Pro. Best Wheels For Kayak Its 10″ No-Flat airless tires are springy like inflatable tire carts. I also noted its 150-lb weight capacity. It has tie-down straps and a large fold-down size (27 x 13 x 3″). One of the lighter alternatives.

With all its features, the RAD is heavy. Wide base and thick (almost too thick!) rubber cushions give the 9.9-lb cart its heavy-duty look. The bright yellow powder-coated metal is professional, and the paint is orange in person.

I suggest the RAD for kayaks, canoes, and lightweight boats (under 150 lbs). You can secure all kayak sizes up to 11 feet using the kayak cart’s tie-down straps.

This cart’s rubber tires and tubes make it flexible on most terrains. Pavement, gravel, sand, and relatively level woodlands should be fine.

How does the RAD compare to carts in terms of pricing, construction, and weight acceptance? The robust metal frame and heavy-duty cushioned bed make this cart ideal for general watercraft use.

Other consumers agree that it can cover flat surfaces with crafts under 125 pounds. Tires may puncture. Avoid woods where punctures are frequent. Finally, clients and I agree that the RAD is a fantastic all-around model with a low weight restriction and high-quality aluminum frame.


  • The frame is made of metal and lasts forever.
  • 10″ non-inflatable tires provide comfort.


  • The yellow frame color seems orange in person.

Best Wheels For Kayak With the OxGord prototype, you can carry one kayak on a trailer, but not many.

You can go near to the lake, river, or ocean without unloading the trailer due to its small size. This is useful when the gear is heavy, and no one is around.

Its V-shaped cradle and foldable trailer make it simple to move and handle. Use the included cam buckle strap to secure your boat to the trailer. The strap secures your weight without loosening or breaking.

For situations when you can’t cut the route short and must traverse rough roads to get to the water, its 10-inch airless tires can handle any terrain, even rocky and muddy soil.


  • The corrosion-resistant aluminum frame extends the trailer lifespan.
  • Foam cushion tires resist scratches and dings.
  • The 1-year limited warranty provides peace of mind for trailer issues.


  • Does not support carrying several kayaks simultaneously.

Best Wheels For Kayak Suspenz designed this kayak cart and wheel in 2005 to make moving and transporting your kayak easier. Its aluminum stainless steel frame makes it lightweight and fits in a tiny mesh bag.

It can hold 150 lbs, making it suitable for small and mid-size kayaks, tandem kayaks, and small canoes. This kayak hull protector has rubber bumpers to prevent dents, scratches, and dings.

The cart’s biggest benefit is its tool-free installation. You may load your kayak with tie-down straps and change the fittings to meet its size. This kayak trolly’s collapsible design makes it portable and simple to carry by hand or shoulder.


  • Very strong
  • Portable
  • Suitable for big kayaks
  • Foldable
  • Easy to install


  • Not suitable for all-terrain.

Newcod’s this ideal large balloon-wheeled kayak or cartwheels work well. Best Wheels For Kayak This huge kayak cart has 12-inch balloon wheels, which are broader than regular kayak wheels. Wide wheels make moving big kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, and boats simple.

The building material is another amazing aspect of this cart. This kayak trolley uses four powder-coated aluminum tubes and stainless steel hardware for durability. It can carry 165 lbs due to its strong and robust composition.

It also has rubber cushioning on the frame for hull protection. The kayak trolly is simple to install without tools and you may fix your kayak and roll it using tie-down straps.


  • Large wheels
  • Quality made
  • Portable and foldable
  • Easy to build
  • Suitable for all kayaks
  • Includes straps


  • Not suitable for all-terrain or roads.

Best Wheels For Kayak YakAttack TowNStow BarCarts are versatile. It works well as a kayak and canoe cart.  It may carry a paddle board, other outdoor gear, or even several kayaks. Straps are not included with this kayak cart.

Dual-position frame is a great feature of this sturdy kayak cart. Roof rack or bunk type crossbars are made of anodized metal. With this, you may carry your kayak on bars perpendicular or parallel to the hull.

This cart’s simple structure and great load capacity can tow any large kayak, even tunnel hulls. To protect the hull, rubber bumpers are carefully installed. Overall, it is not a lightweight kayak carrier. But it’s sturdy. It’s expensive too.


  • Ideal for tunnel hulls
  • Compatible with other boats
  • High load capacity
  • Durable tires


  • Expensive
  • No straps included

Buying Guide for Finding a Kayak Wheel

Attachment or installation method

Kayak carts require a secure boat attachment. Use straps, rods, bolts, or other techniques. Before purchasing a cart, consider if your Kayak has rings to connect straps or requires an automated or pressure-attached cart.


Since they will move the boat, pneumatic wheels must be strong. These wheels will determine how well the cart transports the boat across diverse terrains.

Tires may be rigid or inflatable plastic. I prefer the latter since they are stronger and may be filled with air to improve performance on varied terrain.

Wheel Size

Size is important when selecting wheels made of durable materials. Remember that bigger wheels are best for all terrain, and smaller ones enable fast kayak positioning.


Carts vary in width to accommodate various kayak sizes, depending on brand, model, and kind. You should know your boat’s size and choose a broad cart to transport it.

Build Quality

These carts pull the whole boat. Materials must be high-quality, durable, and resistant. If you want to transport the cart to saltwater places, stainless steel is best. Steel and aluminum carts are most frequent and can carry hefty loads.


Consider the quality of your cart before buying the cheapest one. You can find quality products cheaply. Some inexpensive choices are tough and durable. These carts should be affordable, depending on numerous aspects.


These carts are great for mobility since they are foldable and take up little room when not in use. Because you may not have much storage space at home, consider carts that are simple to disassemble.

People Also Asked:

How to move a kayak?

Answer: A kayak cart is the simplest way to move a kayak. Kayak carts or dollies transfer kayaks from automobile to water. The carry handles are handy when you’re near to the coast. Simply said, kayak carts are the easiest method to transfer kayaks from vehicle to water.

How do kayak carts work?

Answer: There are several kayak carts, dollies, and wheels in the market. Some secure the Kayak with a V-shaped cradle, while others utilize straps. They have terrain-friendly tires. Kayak carts are easy to use. Just put the Kayak on it and fasten it with the strap if provided. You can load and unload the Kayak with a kickstand.

How do kayak carts secure kayaks?

Answer: Kayak cart makers make it simple to attach a cart in a kayak. Manufacturers usually provide instructions with kayak wheels. They’re constructed so the mechanism is hard to notice. V-cradles and straps are included with certain carts.

Are kayak carts suitable for all terrains?

Answer: Not all carts are suitable for every terrain, but most can. Some carts feature bigger, inflated tires for soft sand or uneven terrain, while others have firm, smooth wheels.


Every watersports enthusiast needs a kayak or canoe trolley. There are universal kayaks, scupper kayak carts, and kayak canoes. The majority are durable without adding weight. Sand terrain is simple with balloon tires, and sub-10 kg versions fit with backpacks.

The C-Tug was the best due of its longevity, superb tires, and lightweight, portable design. I hope you find a model that meets all your needs on my list.

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