How to Plan a USA Road Trip with a Kayak in 2024

How to Plan a USA Road Trip with a Kayak in 2024

Travelling with a kayak offers views of the USA that you can’t get from the roadways and highways. There are many spaces that are only seen from the water, and the alternatives views can be stunning.

How to Plan a USA Road Trip with a Kayak in 2024

How to Plan a USA Road Trip with a Kayak, It is necessary to do some planning in advance to ensure that you are prepared for the challenges that will come with transporting you kayak with you and finding the right locations for putting it in the water where there is parking and appropriate amenities.

With just a little planning you can have an unforgettable trip and experience the country in a way that few people ever do.


Begin with planning your vehicle and your kayak. If you have an inflatable kayak, you can transport it in any vehicle and include an air pump. A regular kayak will require a larger vehicle that can safely contain the kayak either within the bed or body of the vehicle or on a roof rack.

Alternatively, if you are travelling with a camper trailer or a motorhome you may be able to put the kayak inside for travel. Ensure that all of the supplies you need to properly care for it are also able to fit within the vehicle, as maintenance is key to a successful road trip.

Where to go:

Next you can decide where you want to travel. A short trip can take as little as a weekend, while a cross country trip could take several weeks.

How to Plan a USA Road Trip with a Kayak:

You can plan your road trip to be as long as you want it to be, and knowing how long you want to be gone and how much you have to spend will take some of the stress and worry from your trip. If you like to have a well planned vacation, not only should you plan the water ways you want to visit and the highways that will get you there,

For those who like to camp, a well prepared trip will include marking campsites that are close to the water, and for staying in hotels call ahead or book online. Knowing where you will be staying not only takes off the stress from finding a spot each night, but also allows you to check in before you get the kayak out and on the water so no matter what time of day you are out you will have a space to go afterwards to change out of your gear and shower.

The comfort of knowing where you will spend the night is well worth the additional planning and can save you hours on your trip, getting you more time to do things you love or see more areas. GPS is a great tool, but also print or note the places that you will be staying and keep it in an area that is separate from your cell phone, so you have the information even if something unexpected happens.

If you are looking for How to Plan a USA Road Trip with a Kayak some great places to kayak, there are many sources online that will help you to find amazing views, great waterways, and all the amenities that you are looking for. Travel magazines and websites such as Visit the USA, Travel & Leisure, and even Forbes all have articles and lists that cover some of the most beautiful places to kayak in the USA, great places in several states including California, Colorado, Arizona, Hawaii, and so many others, that there is no shortage of resources.

Those who prefer to create their own adventure may enjoy an old paper map and a highlighter to find places they want to go, while others will want to choose a waterway, a river or lake, that they want to experience and travel there on their road trip to kayak.

By choosing a specific body of water that you want to explore on your kayak road trip through the USA, you are able to follow that and you will be able to find your way to small towns, views from a different point of view, and learn more about that area.

You will have a great experience seeing all the climates that it moves through, what ecosystems it has and how they change in different areas, see more animals and become familiar with the area in a way you otherwise wouldn’t. It also makes it easier to plan the trip from one end to the other, and locate spaces to stay, places to eat, and you can even meet up with others.

Travel together:

Road trips and travelling are not only a great way to meet new people, but also a great way to bond with people you already know and care about. If you have a friend or two who also love to kayak, no matter where they are in the USA, you can meet them and road trip together, or road trip towards each other and meet in the middle.

How to Plan a USA Road Trip with a Kayak Making your road trip with a friend has other added benefits as well. Shared costs for fuel and accommodations can make your trip even more affordable, and you will have the safety of being with someone else should an injury occur or your kayak become damaged.

It also adds another perspective, as you share the sites and discuss the day together over your evening meal. You will learn more about them, more about yourself, and see things that they notice you might not and you can share with them things you notice that they wouldn’t see.

Taking pictures and sharing them doubles your exposures, you can take pictures of each other, and you can take pictures together, offering a lot of wonderful records of the beauty of the moment.

When planning your USA road trip with a kayak the most important things to plan are who you want to travel with, how you will transport all of your gear, your kayak, and your personal supplies such as clothing, and if you will be spending nights camping or in hotels. Then pick a place you always wanted to see and hit the road, and the water.

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